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Charas--  A Film by Tigmanshu Dhulia


CHARAS is an adventure thriller set against the backdrop of drug trafficking in the kullu region of himachal pradesh. Directed by Tigmannshu, the film stars Uday Chopra, Jimmy Shergill, Namrata Shirodkar, Irfan Khan, Raj Zutshi and Rajat Kapoor.

The story is woven around facts. The facts are as follows:Kullu Manali in Himachal Pradesh is now acknowledged as the hashish capital of the world. Ninety percent of the 700 crore business is controlled by the International Mafia. There are atleast 35 gangs operating in that area which includes three italians, one israeli woman, two germans and two swiss. Police confirms that there are atleast 9000 illegal foreign nationals hiding in the jungles. Kullu has become a mini columbia.

THE REPUBLIC OF MALANA.  After an eight hour trek from kullu one reaches a village called malana where the finest breed of hashish grows.The village is isolated from the rest of the world and no outsider is allowed to enter the village.especially Indians. No malani is allowed to marry outside the village.They are supposed to be descendents of alexanders army which got left behind.They have opened their village to the foreign hashish cultivator.They call their village the republic of malana.This is where the story is set.

SYNOPSIS.Nearly 26000 foreigners come to Kullu Manali every year.Many of them do not return.Many are found dead. Some don't want to be found.
Parents from across the globe, Britain, Ireland and Holland, Italy, Israel and Russia have formed an amateur investigative network after their sons and daughters had all vanished in the valley of Kullu and Malana. A boy named Sam Higgins from England had come to Himachal on a paragliding trip. He did not return home.His parents think that he is alive.For the police it is a closed case.Sam's parents being well connected in the political circles manage to send an Indian cop from the Scotland Yard to India for investigation.For some people in England the case becomes a serious issue they do not want the Scotland Yard cop to get the right information because they are the ones who are directly connected in the drug trade.A minister in England union transport minister in Delhi and the ig police are the three pillars of the trade.An Indian cop is assigned the duty to keep a watch on this cop from England. Both become friends not revealing their real identities to each other. As the cop from England gets closer to his answers he is implicated as a Pakistani spy. The Indian counter part has orders to arrest him when he is suddenly struck by his past. Circumstances motivate both men to go up to the mountains where the actual crime is being committed and find the answer.

the treatment.why this film? Like a true adventure thriller the plot is thick and has many tracks which eventually come and flow together towards the culmination point.the film flows from one terrain to the other maintaing its real geographical identity and giving the film a multi cultural experience.it will be a youth oriented film because the issue is directly connected with the age and the content gives a wide scope for the technique to grow and a wide range of options for style. fashion, music and adventure are the three areas which excite the young mind and the film has ample potential to explore these elements.because the backdrop is real and a big problem for the state government and the country the scenario becomes interesting and intriguing for the intelligent mind. the film has a tremendous international appeal.the films mystic quality will attract the festival circuit.the most important point why this film will appeal to the audience is, that others arent working.
still frm charas

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