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Rise of an Amateur Poet
by Sunil Chandra Jakhmola

It is very heartening to note that three poems composed by Sunil Jakhmola viz.' Dreaming in Dejection', 'Lifestyle' and ' A Pair of Eyes’, have been selected by The International Library of Poetry as semi finalists in the International Open Poetry Contest. All the three poems by Sunil Jakhmola are also being published by the ILP in their forthcoming anthology entitled "Letters From The Soul"( Library of Congress-ISBN0-7951-5160-8).'The poems had been selected for publication for their unique perspective and artistic vision', writes Howard Ely,the Managing Editor of the website,'poetry.com '. Further, The ILP has selected 33 poems in allforprofessional recording in their forthcoming three- album collection CD and Cassette Tape entitled 'The Sound of Poetry'.Out of these 33 poems ,two poems are composed by Sunil Jakhmola i.e.'Lifestyle' and' A Pair of Eyes’. The collection is also being released soon ,which includes introduction as prelude to the selected artistry, as well as a brief commentary about each featured poem and the poet. Besides all that, Mr. Sunil Jakhmola has been invited by the ILP to attend the International Society of Poets Convention and Symposium to held in Washington DC in the month of Aug.2002.There in the Convention he is supposed to receive an 'International Poet of Merit 'award. He will also be provide with a gallery during the Convention to display his works. Sunil Jakhmola is a teacher of English Language and writes poems in English and Hindi as a hobby. These three award winning poems and other poetic works of Sunil Jakhmola can be read and enjoyed at'poetry.com.'