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A 40-km long rail-line between LAKSAR and MUZAFFARNAGAR can change the economy of Uttaranchal

By Anurag Garg

I am an NRI working in an American company at Tokyo,Japan. I belong to Garhwal region of Uttranchal. I love my state, Uttranchal, and am very desperate for her development. I wish to focus a very important point which can change the fortunes of the new state. Everybody must think about it. In particular, the policy-makers think over the idea.

Do you know that the absence of a 40-km long rail-line between LAKSAR and
MUZAFFARNAGAR is costing every traveller to Dehradun an extra 100 km travel
from DELHI. Right now, the distance between HARDWAR and DELHI is more then 270 kms. And if there a rail track between LAKSAR and MUZAFFARNAGAR, the distance can be reduced to say about 200 km. Equal to DELHI-AGARA. This translates into a mere three-hour journey.

And the task is not impossible. It is very much possible. The only question is to convince the Rail Bhavan mandarins in New Delhi. Also, this move will boost tourism in the state of Uttaranchal. And why not, if anybody can reach Hardwar in just three hours or dehradun in just four hours.

Also, this can lead to the increased domestic/international tourist inflow and can dramatically flood the region with the tourists with hard cash in their pockets. In fact, the shortened rail-line will also open new avenues for the development of the industrial activities. The proximity of the new state to the national capital is yet another added value. Afterall, who does
not want to save time and money?