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Let us, my love, go and visit
Great Uttarakhand
The Himavant
The Himalaya
Crown of the world!

Let us hike
The serpentine paths
Through the verdurous valleys
Meditative chasms
Up and down the hills
And see sanctuaries of silence and snows
Taking bath in the golden Sun

Up in and up out
Soon we lose
Sight of distant gleams
Only to be surprised
On their unexpected emergence
Like our love

Oscillate a few more strings
Of timelessness
More stupendous than ever

The inhabitants of these exalted regions
Have, for centuries, considered
The Himavant and the Ganga
Synonyms of each other
Himavant, the father
Ganga, the mother
Symbolising the
The universe of universes

The higher we climb
the greater the spires seem to tower
Over us
Shading our love
I know, my darling,
This time round
They emerge
With profoundest stupendousness
Physically upstanding
Traversing the whole world
Like Colossus

The women of this beautiful land,
Sturdy and self-dependent,
Enjoy a great degree of freedom
Among mountains, through valleys
Born musicians as they are
Sing and dance
As they walk and talk
As they eat and sleep
For them dancing is life
They dance the ananda tandava
of Lord Shiva -- the Transformer
>From the Mount Kailash
Shiva with Gauri watching
Them passionately
Considering that the ananda tandava
Was essential for life
A duty to the humanity

Let us forget, my love,
the place mushroomed by people
Instead we develop
Into a shining crescent
On the head of Lord Shiva
The celestial moon in perfect quietude
Let us emerge
As the angelic crown of the mountains
Let us pass
Into tiny temples on
The mountains tops
Let us, my love, draw
to Pindari and play on the glacial source,
Where dramatic landscape leads
To the shadows of snow-covered monoliths
Unmindful of our love

The light of Lord Shiva
Gleams in illustrious Uttarakhand
reminding us
Of those past days in isolation
Past days in self-dependence
Despite a historicity
Full of ups and down

The Sun has sunken
The moon has emerged
The stars are twinkling
Let us go home, we two
Closer and closer


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