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Mahakali mahalakshmi mahasaraswati mahishaagni
Mahamaaye chamunde mundmailini
Ayu arogya vijayam dehi devi Namostute

Bhuvneshwari Devi Temple

Brief Historical Background

Garhwal is the middle of Himalayas with Himachal Pradesh in the west and northwest, China
in the north and wetern Uttar Pradesh in the south. Kumaon is located at the eastern part of
Gahwal. The ancient text describe it as Kedarkhand or the region of Kedarnath. Worship of
Lord Shiva and Devi Durga is predominant in the entire region. Nearly every hill top has a
temple attracting villagers from the far off places.

However there are certain temples which are considered as Sidh Peeths. People visit these
 places regularly to revere the deity. One such temple is located at Sangura (BILKHET).
Along the right hand banks of River Nyaar( also called (NARAD GANGA) there is a
Siddh Peeth of Maa- Bhuvneshwari about 15 Km. away from Satpuli in Pauri district.
Its believed that all wishes are granted by Maa-Bhuvneshwari. Just eleven Parikrama at
 the temple fulfills one's wish. Legends about this temple claim that this was the home
chosen by Maa - Bhuvneshwari herself.

The story goes back to the ancient times when the Indraprastha region was constantly being
attacked by invaders. The places of worship were damaged. Five Devis decided to move out
from that place and go to Himalayas.

Along with Veer Bhairav, Maa Aadi Shakti Bhuvneshwari, Maa Jwalpa, Maa Balsundri, Maa Baalkunwari, Maa Rajrajeshwari started for Kedarkhand.

They reached Najibabad which was an important trade center at that time. All the people of Garhwal region used to collect their household goods from Najibabad. The only mode of transport at that time were horses. A group of people from Sainar were also there to get household items for them and their fellow villagers.

Enroute the Devis reached Najibabad and Maa Bhuvneshwari was very tired . She entered in a
sac full of salt as a small stone (Matralinga). Incidently that sac was purchased by  Bhavan Singh Negi resident of Sainar village in east Maniyarsuin Pauri.from the trader named Kallu Mian.

The caravan passed through Kotdwar , Dogadda Fatehpur and Badel to reach Sangura where they made a halt. People from village gathered to help them with the goods they brought from Najibabad. Bhavan Singh Negi noticed that the salt of his sack contained a stone ( originally the Matrilingh) weighing 5 Sers. He threw that stone and went to his village.

During his sleep he had a dream and Maan Bhuvneshwari told him that I love this place and I will stay over here. You threw away the Matrilingh. “Establish me here and construct my temple at this place” were the Maan's order. The same night Maan Bhuvneshwari instructed  Netramani Naithani of
Naithana village to build a temple in whose land the Devi  wanted to be established.

Some of us who have been fortunate to visit that area can understand why Devi chose that place.
It is impossible to explain the serenity of that location in words. On one end of the hill you have Narad Ganga flowing vey quietly as if just trying to touch feet of Maan Bhuvneshwari without disturbing her. On the other end you have lush green fields . Such topography is very rare in Hills. The entire region is sorrounded by hills having typical Himalayan vegetation.

The nearest airport is Jolly Grant in Dehradun. The nearest Railway station is Kotdwara.
Its two hour drive to the temple from Kotdwara. The temple is well connected by road. Regular bus
and taxi services are available from Kotdwar to Satpuli from where taxi and buses are available to the temple. The temple is located  about 20 kilometres from Satpuli.

Hotels are available in Satpuli. The trust has got a Dharam Shala at the temple site which provides
free accommodation to the visitors.

About The Trust
It was ten years ago a Trust  called AADI SHAKTI MAAN BHUVNESHWARI TRUST was registered in order to build and maintain excellent temple complex at Sangura (Bilkhet). This brilliant proposal was put forward by Sh. Sanat Kumar Naithani, then Chief Engineer (MES). It was under his able stewardship that the trust started functioning. Presently the trust has Sh.L.P.Naithani, Advocate General (Uttaranchal) as its patron. The development work at the site is going on under the dynamic leadership of Sh. S.P. Naithani leading industrialist of Kotdwara and Sh. J.R.Naithani . Eminent businessman of the region Sh. Hari Prasad Kukreti is also serving the trust as life member.

The trust organizes two annual Puja Mahotsavs during the holy Navratras. Devotees from various part of the country converge at the temple and  take part in the pooja archana. Annually Makar Sakranti Fair is held at the complex and a big fair is organized called the Gindi Fair ( Fair of ball) in local language.
The trust in its short span has done remarkable development work at the temple site. Ground work for a magnificient complex is all most over.

 A 6 feet wide road from the main road to the holy shrine and then to the Narad Ganga has been built. A beautiful gate has been erected at the entrance of the temple complex. A Dharamshala  was built just adjacent to the main road. Retaining walls supporting the main temple and cemented Parikrama were the other major developments.

The process of contructing the Sarovar (Holy Tanks )at the Narad Ganga is still in progress. The temple complex  water and electric connection. A chowkidar and priest have been employed by the trust. Besides developing the temple complex social service to the local community is another major area of thrust.

It is planned to organize health mela at the site to help the local villagers. The Director of Rural Development Institue Dr. Renu Dhasmana at Himalayan Institue and Hospital Trust in Dehradun has been sent  a initial proposal in this regard. The trust plans to open a Sanskrit Paathshala dedicated for the religious studies. The trust plans to help the needy and poor students especially the girl students in form of scholarships.


Inspite of the generous contribution of our people the trust has not being able to implement its developmental plans due to lack of funds. You can help the Mandir Trust by contributing to the temple funds. Your contribution would help the trust to fulfill its obligations especially for the upliftment  of the needy brothers and sisters who are not that fortunate as we are. Don't you feel you ought to return back for all the benefit conferred by the Devi on all of us.
You may contact the following for more information

1.Sh. S.P. Naithani,
Rudra Shiva Niwas,
Kotdwara (Uttaranchal)

2. Dr. Savita Bartwal,
4, Tempo Drive
Nashua,  NH-03062  (USA)

3.Dr. Rajesh Naithani,
Apartment 411,
MCA- 1926, West Harrison,