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With the effort  of members of Uttaranchal.ws scholarship scheme for girl students of Uttaranchal was launched.  This was accomplished with the help of Maan Bhuvneshwari Trust which strongly believed that the girls students are the deprived ones needing immediate attention of each and everbody. The girl children have to help their families in household affairs and thus their studies gets neglected. In addition parents in villages of Uttaranchal are least interested in educate their daughters. As a token of our affection respect and appreciation to these younger sisters we have launched a scheme for them

The main aim of this scheme is to encourage school going girls to work hard and maintain good academic record so that they can do well in their lives. Initially we have made efforts to get help of families in India and US. It is heartening to note that eight families have come ahead to support this noble venture.Initially we have launched this scheme in  a school in Maniyaarsuin Pauri  We are at the beginning awarding ten scholarships. We hope that in future  we shall be able to get more families involved  and thus we can extend this scholarship scheme to other schools.

The students will be selected on basis of their performance in their examination.The selection will be supervised  by a team of educationist that shall include the  head of the concerned institute

A one time deposit has been made with the school authorities and the scholarship shall be awarded monthly by the school administration. A sum of one hundred fifty Rupees per month would be provided to the students. A free set of text books along with school dress would also be provided free of cost.

We  shall be sending the report to our contributors  to ensure that the money they contributed is being properly utilized. In addition to that we shall be encourage all our contributors to have a first hand look at the activities of the trust whenever they plan to go to Uttaranchal

Following are the office bearers who have kindly agreed to help the trust in this particular venture

1.Sh. S.P. Naithani,
Rudra Shiva Niwas,
Kotdwara (Uttaranchal) INDIA

2.Dr. Rajesh Naithani,
Apartment 411,
MCA- 1926, West Harrison,