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Uttaranchali Folk Songs
The love songs sung between the men and women in the form of questions and answers.

Chounphula and Jhumeila
These songs form part of seasonal dances which are performed from Basant Panchami to Sankranti or Baisakhi. Jhumeila is sometimes mixed but is usually restricted to women. Chounphula is a spinning dance performed by all sections of the community at night in groups by men and women.

As the name suggests Basanti songs are sung during the approaching Basant (Spring) season.

Mangal songs are sung during marriage ceremonies.

Jaggar is sung during worship and in respect to God

Love song sung by sheperds in form of conversation between man and woman.
The song is sung to potray the suffering of a women due to parting from her husband

Chhura folk songs are very popular among sheperds and are in a way of an old experienced man teaching a young sheperd the tricks of his trade

Uttaranchali Folk Dances
Bhotiya Dance
Bhotiya Dance is performed by Bhotias and are connected with death ceremonies.  It is believed by them that the soul of the dead person is residing in body of a goat or sheep and by dancing the soul can be liberated.

Barada Nati
Barada Nati dance  is performed during religious festivals or any other social occasion. It is performed by men and women wearing colorful costumes.

Pandava Dance
Pandava Dance is performed by narrating the story of Mahabharata accompanied by dance and music. This is performed during Dussehra and Deepawali.  

Langvir Dance
This is a acrobatic dance performed by men. In this dance the dancer climbs a pole and balances himself at his navel on the top of the pole. Accompanied by dhola and music he balances and rotates on his belly at the pole and performs other acrobatic stunts.