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The lifestyle of Uttaranchal revolves around the woman’s efforts. The men of the place go to the city for earning their livelihood while the women alone handle the trials and tribulations of the hilly region. Having faced the wrath of being uneducated they encourage and strive for an education for their children. The film ‘Meri Pyari Boai’ that is ‘my dear mother’ is a story of a woman, who struggles for the upliftment of her off spring.

The intensity of Shanti’s (that is Boai’s) struggle assumes a new dimension as we consider her predicament not only when her husband descends from the hills in search of work but also dies an untimely death leaving her widowed. It is the beginning of her troubles as new she has to shoulder the responsibility of looking after and education her five year old son Suraj and her very aged mother-in-law. In the frugal conditions of her existence she mortgages her jewellery and fields in an attempt to provide a good education to her only son Suraj.

She sacrifices all of her twelve cultivations and is only then eventually able to see him through school. Already burdened with the care and education of her son she yet faces the biggest heart break when she has to send the apple of her eye and her only support, her son, to Dehradun for higher education when he gets so involved in his work that he forgets his mother. When ultimately he returns Boai is so depressed, disillusioned and broken that she is unable to accept him back into the fold of her life.

P.R.O- Rajneesh Agnihotri and Ami Kothari
Media Coordinator – Sunil Kukreti.
Presented by: Uttara Communications (MUMBAI)
Producer: Jitender Joshi
Director: Mukesh Dhasmana, Surender Bhandari
Story:Mukesh Dhasmana
Music : Santosh Khetwal
Cameraman : Vimal Vishwash
Cast- : Nivedita Bonthiyal, Pradeep Dhuklan, Rattan Singh Rawat, Rachita Kukreti, Pinky Rawat, Ram Pratap Sundariyal.
Media Partner: uttaranchal.ws

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