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New Delhi (Uttarakhand News network)

A prominent group of the Delhi-based Uttarakhandi journalists, intellectuals, academicians, and social activists have recently launched a Hindi language fortnightly, UTTARAKHAND PRABHAT, with the Himalayan concerns in their mind. Naturally, the fortnightly is devoted to the Himalayan cause in general and to the concerns of the new state of Uttaranchal (popularly known as Uttarakhand) in particular. The group strongly feels that the human development, with all its dimensions, would immensely contribute towards the improvement of the Himalayan region, as the human development is the mensuration and analysis of the vital and body parameters of small groups in whole of the Himalayan habitat.

The paper is determined to make every effort to enlighten people how they can have the real control over themselves through the institutions like the Panchayats. The aspirations, actual needs and real interests of the underprivileged will also get proper attention. The idea is to create environment for the people to find genuine and sustained answers to their problems with the help of their traditional wisdom and sensitivity towards their environment.

To achieve this, the team hopes to bring into focus the issues about the Himalayan land and its people, the political systems, environment, technological developments, health, economy, planning, agriculture and aquaculture, water resources and rivers, rural development, industry and industrial infrastructure, energy, transport, housing both urban and rural, labour bonded and otherwise, sports, youth affairs, dairy and animal husbandry, folk arts and crafts, culture, literature, Panchayati raj, e-governance, population and demographic inclinations, information technology, irrigation, village approach road connectivity, telecommunication density, social planning, non-governmental organisations’ participation in community-based activities, governments’ welfare activities and people’s participation in them, role of bureaucracy in the democratic set up, the role of people-oriented political process, district and block level planning for effective implementation of the government schemes, manpower development, gender issues, languages and dialects, et al.

Besides, the objective is to showcase the achievements of the people as well as the various agencies. Also, it is important to provide critical inputs to focus priority attention to the burning issues and identify the most serious challenges. The experts would also write comprehensive, objective, and analytical pieces with precision to discuss the inadequacies, deficiencies, and limitations with relation to the subjects concerned.

The team is as follows:
Editorial Advisor: Professor Pushpesh Pant (JNU)
Chief Editor: Rajendra Dhasmana (formerly Chief Editor of the Collected works of Mahatma Gandhi)
Editor: Suresh Nautiyal (formerly Special Correspondent, The Observer)
General Manager: Pratap Singh Shahi ( a prominent activist of the Uttarakhand Movement)

And several others.

(A representative fortnightly committed to the concerns of Himalayan Region)
Tel: 6252460 (New Delhi), e-mail: uttarakhand_prabhat@hotmail.com