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The swinging bells
In the granite temples
The dangling palloos
Of the women in terraced fields
The thinking mountains
In thick snows
The sleeping trees
In dense forests
Make my Uttarakhand beautiful!

The sun bathing bugyals
By the lakesides
Singing cascades
In the woods
Murmuring rivulets
In the valleys
Make my Uttarakhand wonderful!

Whistling rivers
Among the rocks
Chirping birds
Near the naulas and panderas
Terraced fields
Full of yellow mustard flowers
Making abstract paintings
At every blow of the winds
Make my Uttarakhand incomparable!

Free flowing pure air
Amidst myriad
Of wild and beautiful flowers
Simple and shy people
Trying hard to make
The both ends meet
Women defending against all odds
Unmindful of troubles
Make my Uttarakhand memorable!
My Uttarakhand is beautiful
Absolutely divine
And non-pareil, indeed!

By Suresh Nautiyal